Radiant Guard Services Pvt. Ltd.

Radiant Guard Services Pvt. Ltd.


Radiant Guard Services Pvt. Ltd. is an organization where expert-run management, highly trained manpower, and cutting-edge technology, come together to provide you with unparalleled security services under one roof.

We uphold our reputation of being an industry leader via uncompromising quality control based on sophisticated systems of training, evaluation, and feedback mechanisms, at every level of the organization.

With site-specific solutions and training, trust us to remain one step ahead of threats, at all times.

Our solutions have categorically been divided into Operations & Technical Solutions, and Internal Training

Delivering excellence everyday one day at a time


Fully-customized security solutions with personnel, equipment, and
strategies that are a perfect fit for your organization.

Providing Armed / Unarmed guards,
bouncers & body guards

Housekeeping & Janitorial Solutions

Security Surveillance Solutions

Investigation, Verification
and Detective Services

Personal Protection Services

Technical Solutions

Data, cutting-edge technology, and trained workforces monitored,
notified, and guided into action by experts remotely.
Advanced Video Analytics-Based
CCTV Systems

AI Based Solutions

Perimeter Solutions

Smart Access Control System

Visitor Management Solutions

Smart Gate And Entrance Solutions

Parking Management Solutions


Highly Skilled Staff

Motivated and committed to their work, our recruits are signed on only after an extensive training & checks, to ensure that your premise is safe at all times in their hands.

Experienced, expertise at Management level:

Experienced veterans guide us through decision-making at various levels of the organization. These are individuals who have led the country in war, and know very well what they are doing.

Latest, cutting-edge technology

We grow every year by investing in the latest infrastructure and technology. With remote access and strong communication, we can track, intimate, verify, and take action anytime, anywhere.

PAN India Presence

A strong foothold across the country, we can provide our services to any part of the country ensuring consistency and a hassle-free experience irrespective of where you are.

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